Name: Matt Worden
Age: 25
Instagram: @smokeandpoke
Location: Croydon
Vehicle: Citroën Saxo VTS
About Me: Been driving much longer than I’ve had a license, for me there nothing better than when you notice you’re taking that one difficult corner faster than you used to be able to. I’ve owned a fair few motors (built a couple too) but got in a French tin top and haven’t looked back in quite a while. Going back to Jap next. You’ll find me on the strip rather than at a show and shine, after all, when the flag drops the bullshit stops!

*J4/JP4S hybrid, ported, skimmed, 0.6mm headgasket
*Cold feed inlet 421 manifold with straight pipe from manifold back
*Obscene weight reduction
*Polybushed front to back including engine and gearbox mounts
*Upper strut brace
*Bilstein B8 shocks with eibach springs
*Rear axle dropped to match Full OMP weld in cage
*C5 lightweight steels
*No pretty bits at the moment, function over form


Name: Robert
Age: 22
Instagram: @robert.r24jwx
Location: Sandhurst, Hampshire
Vehicle: Renault Sport Twingo 133
About Me: Started driving around 2 years ago, it always starts with “I’ll just put some stickers on it” and now look! Thankfully I’m an avionics engineer with Honeywell so fixing the French electrics are second nature. Bought the Twingo RS as my first car and constantly debate whether to keep and turbo it or sell it and buy something else. Decisions decisions!

*Custom sound system
*2 x Phoenix Gold XS4600 amps
*Rockville 8inch Bass tube
*Audison AP5 mid bass in the rear
*Hertz HCX130 coaxial up front
*Joying single din headunit with a 7.1inch touchscreen
*KnuConceptz ultimate battery terminal.
*Looking to fit a new 12” sub and tweeters on the A piller

Many custom made parts:
*light up RS door sills
*RS133 clutch footrest
*RS front wiper cover
*RS branded floor mats, black and red RenaultSport resin badge
*Chip tuning throttle response kit
*RS Speedo surround Interior
*Facelift half leather interior, cruise control retrofit, very rare genuine twingo arm rest (1 of 4 ever made)
*Red LED footwell lights, white LED strips in boot.

*Rear wiper delete
*Shark fin aerial
*Ulter Performance backbox
*25mm H&R spacers all round
*Brembo HC discs and pads
*PMS rear antiroll bar
*RenaultSport decals, smoothed and wrapped number plate recess, tinted 3D acrylic cut number plates
*CM Composites front splitter with winglets and tie bars, custom honeycomb front grill, black badge covers front and back, carbon wrapped door pillars and wing mirrors.

Future Mods:
*Sports cat manifold and remaining silencer delete
*Custom built amp rack
*25mm lowering springs
*Custom headlights
*Turbo kit/clio 200 engine swap


Name: Michelle
Instagram: @mich3ll32004
Location: Newcastle
Vehicle: Peugeot 306 1.9 diesel
About Me: Been in the car scene for around 10 years. I’m part of Cdmc. We do autocross marshalling out on the field and recently started doing rallys. Love French cars.

*Peugeot alloys,
*Other than that, I’m keeping it classic


Name: Tim
Age: 22
Instagram: @flipchip_insignia
Location: Doncaster
Vehicle: Vauxhall Insignia Buick conversion
About Me: I’ve had this car for over 4 years. It’s been a pain in the ass but once it’s fixed it’s a great little car. Lots of time and effort has been put in to make it what it is today. There is more to come and hopefully I’ll manage to get it finished one day. Facelift insignia was meant to be just a workhorse for just journeys to and from work after my Last car Cupra K1 ate too much fuel. I said to myself no mods just keep it simple but that lasted long.
It started like many builds with some wind deflectors, then proceeded to purchase new wheels, I opted for 20 inch Dare NK1’s over the factory 18’s then lowered 60mm on springs temporarily and from there I was thinking how can I differ from every other modified insignia? So I proceed to get a custom Powerflow exhaust with RS7 tips and then the VX-line body kit of which I still need to put the side skirts on. I then thought about going with Opel or Holden badges but everyone does that so I decided to go with the lesser known GM make and then became the only facelift Insignia (as far as I’m aware) to have the full Buick conversion. To finish the visuals off I added a carbon fibre Maxton Designs splitter and the Mighty Car Mods tow strap for a bit of fun.
As for engine mods not much has been done apart from a Pipercross air filter and a home made induction pipe and heat shield. I’ve hydro dipped my engine covers. As for the rest of the interior nothing has been done yet apart from my rear audio boot build which consists of 2×12 inch bass face subs in a custom box made by Anderson’s box build and a Bassface dB 1.3 amplifier running at 1ohm .
My plans for the future of the car is Air ride, new wider wheels going on in the next couple of days and a new interior and belts!


Name: Millie
Age: 21
Instagram: @millscars
Location: Mid Wales
Vehicle: Ford Fiesta Red Edition called Lottie.
About Me: Hey! I’m Millie, but you can call me Mill I’m from Newtown in Mid Wales. I’ve been into cars since I can remember, not only into modifying cars, I’m also into my rallying, if im not at a car show, i’m marshalling at a night rally. Cold, but 100% worth it I haven’t been out much but next year 100% . I have only had my fiesta since may but I’m in love. I have so many plans for it but thats a secret

*Gel overlays
*Wind deflectors
*Team dynamics alloys
*Front splitter
*Side skirts
*R sport air intake


Name: Naomi
Age: 27
Location: Isle of Lewis, Scotland
Vehicle: Honda Civic TypeR (ep3)
About Me: My 2nd TypeR. I’ve currently had this one for about 4 years. It’s taken a lot of time, patience and money to get to where it is today but it’s definitely more than worth it. This was mine and my late boyfriends car and since he passed away almost 3 years ago I’ve focussed my energy on modifying and improving it so I can keep it for as long as possible. The happiness it brings me is like nothing else.

*Powerflex Poly bushes
*Windows tinted
*HID lights
*HKS Hi power exhaust (back box)
*Custom centre section (straight through)
*Roof wrapped black Mugen wing (rep)
*Mugen splitter (rep)
*Skunk2 gear knob
*DMC rear camber arms
*BC racing coilovers
*Tegiwa Carbon Fibre intake
*Tegiwa 4-2-1 manifold
*JDM antiroll bar
*Skunk2 lower control arms
*Beaks tie bar
*Stoptech brake discs and pads
*HEL brake hoses
*De-stickered, badged and wiper removed
*Gel plates
*Complete body work Full respray
*Wheels refurbished
*Rear pre facelift lights then fly eyed
*Hondata K100 Remapped at TDI to 230bhp


Name: Scott
Age: 29
Location: Tyneside in the North East of England
Vehicle: DS3 1.6hdi
About Me: I’ve had this car for over 4 years. It’s been a pain in the ass but once it’s fixed it’s a great little car. Lots of time and effort has been put in to make it what it is today. There is more to come and hopefully I’ll manage to get it finished one day.

*RS Vented bonnet ( only one in the country )
*Fly eye headlights
*Spray tinted rear lights
*HIDs 8k
*35mm lower rear springs
*40mm lower front springs
*EBC grooved discs
*EBC greenstuff pads
*DS performance line interior bits
*Debadged Citroën signage
*Blacked out chrome
*Evo style front bumper (sprayed black)
*Rear wiper delete plus other bits I don’t want to share ?