Michael Brown

August 2019

Name: Michael Brown
Instagram: @mr2_mike
Location: Northumberland
Vehicle: 1995 Toyota mr2 gt t-top

*Japspeed exhaust imported from Japan
*Rota grids in bronze
*Small interior mods like different gear knob and wheel atm

Future Mods:

Custom carbon body panels and keeping it mostly original styling and performance to keep everything I do reversible if I was to sell it.

Interesting fact is the car is the exact same age as me to the day hence the idea of a sale would be unlikely

Joe Turner

July 2019

Name: Joe Turner
Age: 28
Location: Essex
Vehicle: Subaru Impreza wrx Wagon 2000

*Liquid wrapped in orange with a nano pearl added into it so it changes colour in the sun
*Full avatar audio build
*Full roll cage 2 sparco bucket seats
*Sitting on coilovers 18 inch rota fighter alloys powder coated in white and brake callipers done in orange
*Front splitter, side skirts and rear diffuser from grams styling
*Wide arch kit from abw 25mm spaced on rear and 15 mm on front

Future Mods:
2jze engine swap and gass strut suspension and big brake kit to be added soon.

Chantelle Gould

June 2019

Name: Chantelle Gould
Age: 26
Location: Redditch, West Midlands
Vehicle: Peugeot 107 Urban

*Rear light change
*Musketier spoiler
*Window tints Debadge Decals + Go faster stripes
*Added a Rev counter
*Mud flaps Induction kit
*Dechromed the front grille
*Twin exit exhaust Eyelids
*Painted interior trim
*Upgraded speakers and a boot build
*Upgraded head unit
*Carbon fibre speedo and rev counter inserts

Future Mods:
Would like to get 15″ alloys as shes currently on 14″ steelies, then would get either coilovers or lowering springs and also want to change the stripes due to them missing on the bumper from being fixed from crash damage so maybe get her wrapped. Also dechrome the front peugeot badge.

Tom Glaister

May 2019

Name: Tom Glaister
Age: 27
Location: Newcastle
Vehicle: Lexus GS300

*Fully stripped
*All rear glass removed
*Aluminium slatted back window
*HSD coil-overs
*TSW Venoms + Lexus rears
*Fully welded roof rack with light bar
*Camera mounted on the rear and 5″ screen moulded into original rear view mirror
*Dual Exhaust
*beeR limiter
*Washer pump and tank in the boot spraying water in front of the rear tyres (it’s an auto….)
*Vented front wings
*Full body paint stripped, made to rust and then varnished

Future Mods:
*Stock Supra twin turbo setup being mounted in the boot with the exhaust exiting through both rear quarters
*Custom plastic ‘space frame’ tubular front bumper
*Butane injection into the exhausts for the flamer kit
*Bash plate to cover rear diff
*More lows

Tara Mehat

April 2019

Name: Tara Mehat
Age: 19
Location: Wolverhampton
Vehicle: Peugeot 107 (Peggy)

*Gloss lightning ridge wrap
*Tinted lights
*15″ wolf racer alloys
*Sub fitted
*Gaming system in the boot with two screens
*Lowered 30mm
*Custom stainless steel exhaust
*Custom seat covers
*Aftermarket steering wheel
*Aftermarket stereo
*Angel eye headlights

Future Mods:
*B16 engine swap
*mk2 107 bumper to be fitted
*Custom splitter to be made
*Custom boot build to be made
*Custom skirts to be made

Louise Williams

March 2019

Name: Louise Williams
Instagram: @scoobylou95
Location: Essex, Southend area
Vehicle: Subaru Impreza WRX

*Halo headlights
*Sti spoiler
*Sti bonnet scoop
*Bumper spats
*Gas struts
*Bigger intercooler
*Mushroom air filter
*Snap on snap off steering wheel
*Remapped and tweaked
*She is running 300bhp with 300lbs of torque!
*She was red and blue, but my partner and I wrapped her teal turqiose to stand out from the crowd

Future Mods:
I am hoping to
*Do a wide arch kit
*Front mound intercooler
*Bigger turbo and injectors, but before that I will need a 6 speed gear box and a new clutch!
*Hoping to get 360bhp +

Jake Leech

February 2019

Name: Jake Leech
Location: Newcastle upon Tyne
Vehicle: Fiat Grande Punto 1.9 MJet 130bhp

*Stability and suspension/coilovers (soon to be polybushed)
*Front mount intercooler with big pipes *Uprated injectors
*Uprated turbo dump valve Decat/DPF delete
*Blanked EGR Raised bonnet
*Front grille mounted forced air intake
*Stage 1 map now running 165bhp

Future Mods:
*Respray in Porsche blue with gloss black roof
*Tinted windows
*Chameleon windscreen
*Twin exhaust
*Stage 2 map with two step launch control with popcorn limiter on redline
*Heat wrapped exhaust
*Custom built/welded 4 branch manifold to turbo
*Custom welded steel boost pipes
*Wider arches and wheels
*Monster Inc. theme engine bay
*Eventually will be around 220-230bhp


Name: Matt Worden
Age: 25
Instagram: @smokeandpoke
Location: Croydon
Vehicle: Citroën Saxo VTS
About Me: Been driving much longer than I’ve had a license, for me there nothing better than when you notice you’re taking that one difficult corner faster than you used to be able to. I’ve owned a fair few motors (built a couple too) but got in a French tin top and haven’t looked back in quite a while. Going back to Jap next. You’ll find me on the strip rather than at a show and shine, after all, when the flag drops the bullshit stops!

*J4/JP4S hybrid, ported, skimmed, 0.6mm headgasket
*Cold feed inlet 421 manifold with straight pipe from manifold back
*Obscene weight reduction
*Polybushed front to back including engine and gearbox mounts
*Upper strut brace
*Bilstein B8 shocks with eibach springs
*Rear axle dropped to match Full OMP weld in cage
*C5 lightweight steels
*No pretty bits at the moment, function over form


Name: Robert
Age: 22
Instagram: @robert.r24jwx
Location: Sandhurst, Hampshire
Vehicle: Renault Sport Twingo 133
About Me: Started driving around 2 years ago, it always starts with “I’ll just put some stickers on it” and now look! Thankfully I’m an avionics engineer with Honeywell so fixing the French electrics are second nature. Bought the Twingo RS as my first car and constantly debate whether to keep and turbo it or sell it and buy something else. Decisions decisions!

*Custom sound system
*2 x Phoenix Gold XS4600 amps
*Rockville 8inch Bass tube
*Audison AP5 mid bass in the rear
*Hertz HCX130 coaxial up front
*Joying single din headunit with a 7.1inch touchscreen
*KnuConceptz ultimate battery terminal.
*Looking to fit a new 12” sub and tweeters on the A piller

Many custom made parts:
*light up RS door sills
*RS133 clutch footrest
*RS front wiper cover
*RS branded floor mats, black and red RenaultSport resin badge
*Chip tuning throttle response kit
*RS Speedo surround Interior
*Facelift half leather interior, cruise control retrofit, very rare genuine twingo arm rest (1 of 4 ever made)
*Red LED footwell lights, white LED strips in boot.

*Rear wiper delete
*Shark fin aerial
*Ulter Performance backbox
*25mm H&R spacers all round
*Brembo HC discs and pads
*PMS rear antiroll bar
*RenaultSport decals, smoothed and wrapped number plate recess, tinted 3D acrylic cut number plates
*CM Composites front splitter with winglets and tie bars, custom honeycomb front grill, black badge covers front and back, carbon wrapped door pillars and wing mirrors.

Future Mods:
*Sports cat manifold and remaining silencer delete
*Custom built amp rack
*25mm lowering springs
*Custom headlights
*Turbo kit/clio 200 engine swap


Name: Michelle
Instagram: @mich3ll32004
Location: Newcastle
Vehicle: Peugeot 306 1.9 diesel
About Me: Been in the car scene for around 10 years. I’m part of Cdmc. We do autocross marshalling out on the field and recently started doing rallys. Love French cars.

*Peugeot alloys,
*Other than that, I’m keeping it classic