Jake Leech

February 2019

Name: Jake Leech
Location: Newcastle upon Tyne
Vehicle: Fiat Grande Punto 1.9 MJet 130bhp

*Stability and suspension/coilovers (soon to be polybushed)
*Front mount intercooler with big pipes *Uprated injectors
*Uprated turbo dump valve Decat/DPF delete
*Blanked EGR Raised bonnet
*Front grille mounted forced air intake
*Stage 1 map now running 165bhp

Future Mods:
*Respray in Porsche blue with gloss black roof
*Tinted windows
*Chameleon windscreen
*Twin exhaust
*Stage 2 map with two step launch control with popcorn limiter on redline
*Heat wrapped exhaust
*Custom built/welded 4 branch manifold to turbo
*Custom welded steel boost pipes
*Wider arches and wheels
*Monster Inc. theme engine bay
*Eventually will be around 220-230bhp