Name: Naomi
Age: 27
Location: Isle of Lewis, Scotland
Vehicle: Honda Civic TypeR (ep3)
About Me: My 2nd TypeR. I’ve currently had this one for about 4 years. It’s taken a lot of time, patience and money to get to where it is today but it’s definitely more than worth it. This was mine and my late boyfriends car and since he passed away almost 3 years ago I’ve focussed my energy on modifying and improving it so I can keep it for as long as possible. The happiness it brings me is like nothing else.

*Powerflex Poly bushes
*Windows tinted
*HID lights
*HKS Hi power exhaust (back box)
*Custom centre section (straight through)
*Roof wrapped black Mugen wing (rep)
*Mugen splitter (rep)
*Skunk2 gear knob
*DMC rear camber arms
*BC racing coilovers
*Tegiwa Carbon Fibre intake
*Tegiwa 4-2-1 manifold
*JDM antiroll bar
*Skunk2 lower control arms
*Beaks tie bar
*Stoptech brake discs and pads
*HEL brake hoses
*De-stickered, badged and wiper removed
*Gel plates
*Complete body work Full respray
*Wheels refurbished
*Rear pre facelift lights then fly eyed
*Hondata K100 Remapped at TDI to 230bhp


Name: Scott
Age: 29
Location: Tyneside in the North East of England
Vehicle: DS3 1.6hdi
About Me: I’ve had this car for over 4 years. It’s been a pain in the ass but once it’s fixed it’s a great little car. Lots of time and effort has been put in to make it what it is today. There is more to come and hopefully I’ll manage to get it finished one day.

*RS Vented bonnet ( only one in the country )
*Fly eye headlights
*Spray tinted rear lights
*HIDs 8k
*35mm lower rear springs
*40mm lower front springs
*EBC grooved discs
*EBC greenstuff pads
*DS performance line interior bits
*Debadged Citroën signage
*Blacked out chrome
*Evo style front bumper (sprayed black)
*Rear wiper delete plus other bits I don’t want to share ?