Name: Scott
Age: 29
Location: Tyneside in the North East of England
Vehicle: DS3 1.6hdi
About Me: I’ve had this car for over 4 years. It’s been a pain in the ass but once it’s fixed it’s a great little car. Lots of time and effort has been put in to make it what it is today. There is more to come and hopefully I’ll manage to get it finished one day.

*RS Vented bonnet ( only one in the country )
*Fly eye headlights
*Spray tinted rear lights
*HIDs 8k
*35mm lower rear springs
*40mm lower front springs
*EBC grooved discs
*EBC greenstuff pads
*DS performance line interior bits
*Debadged Citroën signage
*Blacked out chrome
*Evo style front bumper (sprayed black)
*Rear wiper delete plus other bits I don’t want to share ?